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Tejas 14/6/22 Borehamwood 2 Minors

1st time passer
Well done Tejas. 1st time pass with Diana
1st time pass with Diana
Well done Tejas you put in a lot of hard work.

Diana came highly recommended to me by several of my cousins who had passed with her instruction on their first attempts after I’d failed twice during the pandemic- I wish I’d met her sooner. From the get-go, Diana calmly focused on identifying and correcting the bad habits I’d picked up in my previous experiences driving. Diana achieved this through a constructive and rational approach which concentrated on the fine details of my driving, isolating the issues and spending time unswervingly going over them in detail until they were right, in a way I know other driving instructors don’t. This was most clearly illustrated in her rigorous use of mock tests which help students calmly prepare and understand the pressure of the driving test. I met Diana during a difficult time in my life after the pandemic, in which my previous experiences learning to drive had contributed to anxiety that was impacting other areas of my life, Diana compassionately and astutely identified this and its no exaggeration that through teaching me to drive and encouraging self-belief in me, she has been pivotal in helping me get my confidence back, for this I owe her my gratitude far beyond just driving. I firmly believe that Diana’s driving instruction goes well beyond just building up a stellar pass rate (which she has), Diana is genuinely passionate about developing competent life-long motorists and helping people attain a key life skill. I couldn’t recommend her more highly, a consummate professional.

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