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Mollie 22/1/24 Barnet 1 Minor

1st time passer
Well done Mollie 1st time pass with me in Barnet
Well done Mollie 1st time pass with me in Barnet

Diana is a brilliant driving teacher. She's friendly and professional. I felt comfortable with her during the lessons because she made an effort to get to know me and make conversation. She paid close attention while I drove, making notes that she shared with me half way through the lesson and at the end. I would work on the advice she gave in the following lessons. She was punctual and communicative and expected the same. Diana would also do her best to rearrange a lesson with enough notice. I have had 2 driving teachers over the last 7 years in a different city, with not pass success after 3 tries. Since coming to London and learning with Diana she corrected bad habits and taught me how to be a smart driver, and passed in London after 5 months. Thank you Diana, I'm grateful to you!

Driving lessons with a professional instructor in

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