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Matthew Batchelor 1/7/15

1st time passer
Recently passing my driving, test I thought I should share my experience of learning with Diana. Growing up with learning differences (Dyspraxia, Dyslexia and ADHD) I always knew learning to drive would be a personal challenge with regards to how I learn. On starting learning with Diana she was patient and reassuring, something which was apparent through my whole driving experience, even when I struggled to remember scenarios which had already been well covered previously.

Along with the previous points, Diana was a clear instructor, always explained everything in detail before and whilst I learnt new manoeuvres and driving (in new areas and situations) allowing plenty of practise time though out lessons. I would strongly recommend learning with Diana, she will cover all the requirements in great detail and is always happy to help you understand any questions you may have regarding your learning and driving.)

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