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Kanak Shah 30/09/16

1st time passer
I came to Diana with very little confidence on the road, with some previous driving experience but not having been taught well. Her calm and collected approach to teaching worked immediately, and I started progressing much faster than I had before. Driving lessons were not only incredibly productive now, but also a chance to have some lovely conversations. This way of teaching meant that I didn’t see driving as a huge, daunting task, but a manageable one. As I progressed she was always incredibly patient with me; she kept me calm when I panicked and made sure I corrected absolutely every mistake that I was making. This attention to detail meant that even though I took my test in an area that wasn’t previously familiar to me, I passed first time because she made sure I knew it well by the time of my test. I can’t thank her enough, I miss our conversations lots and I’ll definitely be back for some Pass Plus lessons in the future!

Kanak x

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