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Jon Blackham 2/10/15 (Barnet)

1st time passer
I contacted Diana on a Wednesday afternoon, with a hope that I would be driving by myself just ten days later. I hadn´t expected her to take the news too well... But she said we´d be able to make a sensible decision based on my first 90min lesson.

In truth, I had driven before - but my Channel Islands license had expired some years ago and I had no real need to get things fired up again until very recently.

Diana was exemplary; her cool, calm and collected manner rubbed off on me from the moment I sat in the car.

A world away from lessons I´d had more than a decade previously, driving was obviously number one priority - but she was able to keep me relaxed (yet focused!) in pressurised situations... of my own making. This was as much a battle with the mental aspects of being in control of half a tonne of metal, as the actual techniques of manipulating the vehicle.

Never have I been able to witter on about so much, and babble about the things in my life without being told to be quiet.

As much as a driving instructor as a reader and understander of people, I´d surmise that I probably owe Diana more money for therapy, than I paid for my lessons...

I passed. I was, and still am, elated. It was down to some perfectly tailored teaching - I´m thrilled to be able to recommend Diana. She´s ace. She´s amazing. She not only helped me take control of a car, but my life too.

Cannot thank you enough DIana!

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