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Carolina Pereira April 2016

Dear Diana,

I am so grateful I met you! You helped me build my confidence and you believed I could do it since day one! Your teaching method was the kindest I ever had, you treated me with respect and were honest in your comments without being rude. I had some bad experiences in the past with other instructors shouting at me and that really knocked my confidence out!

Before meeting you I was dreading whenever I had a driving lesson but it all changed!

I started really looking forward to seeing you every Saturday morning even though we did it at 7am! I was so happy I could have someone calm and really professional by my side doing mock tests and giving me all the feedback I needed to improve on!

For anyone out there who is looking for an excellent, reliable, experienced and a kind driving instructor I confidently RECOMMEND DIANA!!!!

Thank you so much for everything!


Carolina Pereira

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