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Becky Severn 1/11/16

1st time passer
Becky passed first time with Diana in Barnet

Best instructor everrr!

Diana came highly recommended to me by a friend and, just as soon as I get the opportunity, I´ll be passing this recommendation on!

I learnt to drive over ten years ago and dreaded every lesson and gave it up as soon as I had an excuse to! I was very much starting from scratch when I finally decided to get my license but, when I saw Diana sitting in the passenger seat at the beginning of my second lesson with her, I thought ´if she believes I can drive that car already, then I should too!!´

Her calm and candid way of teaching is not only exactly what I needed to learn and pass my test, but also an infectious approach to a lot of other things in life too.

Thank you Di, for helping me see that there´s no luck, just ´doing it!´

I´ll see you for my Pass Plus!

Becky Severn xxx

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